plastic barrels with lids

30 or 55 Gallon Plastic (Polyethylene) Barrels Closed Head

Food grade and non-food grade. Comes in blue, green, or white. Water tight; excellent for liquids, dock floats, composting, rain barrels etc. Contained food products such as; honey, white vinegar, soy sauce, syrups, propylene glycol, vegetable oils.
$20.00 each.

plastic barrel with screw top lid

53, 55, and 60 Gallon Plastic Barrels with Screw top Lids.

Lids are not water tight. Great for; rain barrels, liquids, composting, dry goods storage, etc. Comes in black, terra cotta and some blue or gray. Food grade. Contained food products; mushrooms, peppers, chopped vegetables, capers, etc.
$25.00 each.