rain barrels

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53 Gallon Plastic Rain Barrels

Plastic barrels outfitted with screened inlet, overflow pipe, and valve outlet. Perfect for gardeners and anyone interested in saving water from the tap.

plastic barrels

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Used Plastic (Polyethylene) Barrels

Option of water tight for floatation or open head for collection. Plastic barrels make for ideal dry goods storage.

metal barrels

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Used Metal Barrels

55 Gallon Steel Barrels with painted inner coating. Metal barrels are great for storing liquids such as fuel or water.

About Barrels For U

Recycled barrels have a variety of uses that range from storage to building. Keep seed and feed safe from mice. Start a compost bin for your garden. Collect rain water and save at the tap. Barrels also make a convenient place to keep your cleaning or sports gear. Watertight plastic barrels can even be used for floatation devices on docks. Anything and everything can be placed into a barrel and sealed for protection until needed. They stack easily and can be grouped together to support even more storage on top of them. By using barrels you can effectively expand your household or businesses storage area.

Different barrels lend themselves to different uses. Steel barrels (or steel drums) are good for fuel and heavy storage, such as scrap wood or metal or your workspace tools. Stand your brooms, rakes, and shovels upright and secure in the corner of your garage. Or designate a space for your kids' sports gear, bats, sticks, and padding. Plastic barrels are perfect for storing liquids or dry goods such as seed and feed, sap, etc. Any open head plastic barrel can easily become an extra garbage or recycling can, and any closed barrel can become the ideal composter.

Plastic barrels also lend themselves to some very useful specialized jobs. Some of our plastic barrels have been outfitted for use as Rain Barrels, with screened inlets and valve outlets. These rain barrels are great for saving a little money while staying very green. Rain water is great for gardening or for washing the car without drawing too much on the tap. Closed head plastic barrels are also excellent for floats to attach to docks. It's as simple as lashing them to the underside of your dock frame and pushing it out into open water.

All of our barrels were used in the food industry and do not contain any toxins or hazardous residue. Our barrels average about 2 feet wide by 3 feet tall. Sorry, we do not ship our barrels. We look forward to seeing you when you come to collect your order. To learn more about ordering check out the details on or Order/Contact page. Be sure to ask about the availability of the particular barrels you are ordering, not all barrels will always be in stock.